About the Application

The following information is requested on the NSLI-Y 2020-2021 application:

Applicant Information

  • Information about you, your family, and your school
  • Certification of Eligibility
  • Language Experience
    Include any languages you have studied and duration of study. If you have experience with any of the NSLI-Y languages that you list as a preference in your application, you must complete a self-assessment. Be honest in your self-assessment as this information is used when determining placements for finalists. Your current language level has no impact on the evaluation of your application.
  • International Experience
    Include countries visited, duration, and reason for travel. Also include future international travel plans between the time of application and program start.
  • Activities and Hobbies, Paid Work/Internships, and Awards
    Include information about activities, hobbies, organizations, volunteering, or athletics that you have participated in.
    Include details about internships or paid work you have done.
    List notable awards/honors you have received.
  • Placement Information
    Include information about allergies, religion, diet, disabilities, health conditions, etc. for homestay placement purposes. This information is not reviewed or considered during the selection process, but will be used when determining placements for finalists.

Written Portion

  • Letter to your prospective host family and language instructors
    Include a self-introduction, information about your family, friends, hobbies, etc. Consider formatting it as a letter. The letter is used as part of the evaluation process, but may also be shared with your future host family and/or language teachers.
  • Essays
    Essays are used to determine your motivation for language learning and readiness to study abroad as a NSLI-Y participant.
    All candidates are required to submit a response for essay #1 and essay #2.
    Candidates applying for academic year programs as their first or second preference must also complete essay #3.

Supplemental Documents

  • Parent Statement
    Used to determine motivation and readiness to study abroad as a NSLI-Y participant, as well as considerations for the placement process. Click here to download an informational document that may assist your parents/legal guardians in writing the parent statement.
  • Teacher Recommendation
    • Used to determine academic motivation and promise as a NSLI-Y participant. Click here to download an informational document that may assist teachers in writing your recommendation
  • Official Transcript
    • Must include all high school courses and current GPA. Ninth graders and home school students have slightly different transcript reporting requirements; see the online application for more detail and relevant forms.  Transcripts must be post-marked by the application deadline, October 30. Official transcripts should be sent to:

      ATTN: NSLI-Y File Processing (#1100G)
      American Councils for International Education
      1828 L ST NW STE 1200
      Washington, DC 20036-5136
  • Terms and Conditions
    Describes the terms and conditions of the NSLI-Y scholarship. This document should be read thoroughly and must be signed by you and your parents/legal guardians. 
    Click here to download the 2019-20 Terms and Conditions

Applicants must submit an uploaded, signed copy of the final page of the Terms and Conditions through the online application by the application deadline, October 30. If unable to submit online, a signed copy should be mailed to:

ATTN: NSLI-Y File Processing (#1100TC)
American Councils for International Education
1828 L ST NW STE 1200
Washington, DC 20036-5136

Read additional tips for completing your application here.

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