Persian (Tajiki)

Persian (Tajiki) Summer Program

The program seeks to increase students’ Persian (Tajiki) vocabulary and their ability to communicate with confidence in the target language. Standard Persian is divided into three modern varieties: Farsi in Iran, Dari in Afghanistan, and Tajiki in Tajikistan. Participants in the Persian summer program will study the Tajiki dialect of Persian, including study of the Cyrillic script, focusing on the following four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. These four language skills will be developed through in-class language instruction, cultural presentations and activities, volunteer work, and host family stays. Living with host families and communicating with local peers offers participants unique opportunities to utilize their language skills and gain insights into traditional Tajiki culture.

Program Location: Tajikistan
Program Dates: Summer programs last six to seven weeks and typically start in mid-June to early July and end in early to mid-August.
Accommodations: Combination of group housing and host family stays

Why Persian? “Shockingly few American students study Persian. Just under 3,000 college students were enrolled in Persian language studies in 2013. Given how rare it is to find Persian on a resume, those with proficiency in the language are highly sought out by employers with interests in the region.” Read more.

Good to know: Tajiki, Farsi, and Dari are quite similar lexically and grammatically. The primary difference is the alphabets used to write each dialect and the pronunciation of certain letters. Tajiki itself is comprised of many separate dialects because of the mountainous topography of the country and foreign language influence and integration of cognates into the language.

Fun fact! The word "checkmate" derives from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat," meaning, "the King is dead."

There will not be a Persian academic year program for the 2021-22 program year.

Pre- and Post-Program Expectations

All participants are required to participate in pre-program language learning programs, guided by their implementing organization. All participants must complete a pre-program survey, pre-program language assessments (except for those without prior target language exposure), several post-program surveys, and language tests.

Find more information on Tajikistan on the U.S. Embassy site.

Explore multimedia stories about NSLI-Y Persian (Tajiki) summer program on NSLI-Y Interactive.

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