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NSLI-Y is a prestigious and selective overseas immersion experience for American youth. The goal of NSLI-Y is to promote critical language learning among American youth and to spark a lifetime of interest in language learning. NSLI-Y aims to guide students toward using language in their university and/or professional careers and to dedicate themselves to continued language learning far beyond their time on the program. Please see the Impact portion of our website to learn more about the language learning gains and achievements of NSLI-Y alumni.

NSLI-Y scholars participate in intensive language courses on both summer and academic year programs. Summer programs include a minimum of 120 hours of formal classroom instruction. Academic year programs include at least ten hours per week of formal classroom instruction, and most programs include additional academic courses and research projects. All participants should expect to complete pre-program assignments and assessments, as well as complete homework and take exams during the course of the program. While classes are taught by trained and experienced teachers, students should be prepared to experience teaching methods that may differ from U.S. classrooms. These intensive language courses are complemented by cultural immersion activities, including homestays and local community service projects. Participants should expect to engage in some physical activity during cultural activities, commute to school, and/or physical education class at the host school.
Zoe Miguel and Tartu Cahedral
NSLI-Y is focused on language acquisition, not travel or sightseeing; there is no guarantee participants will see any major historical sites in the host country. NSLI-Y is a very structured program and students are expected to participate in all program activities.  Participants should not expect to travel independently in the host country; in almost all cases, it will not be permitted.

Successful NSLI-Y participants dedicate themselves to language acquisition through both formal and informal learning opportunities. Successful participants strive to succeed both academically, by improving their language skills, and culturally, by gaining an understanding and appreciation for another way of life. Participants should expect to immerse themselves in the language and cultural experience; they should not expect to complete academic work for their U.S. school while abroad. Participants should also be prepared to demonstrate open-mindedness, flexibility, and initiative in negotiating the cross-cultural environment, as well as to navigate the challenges inherent to any cross-cultural experience.

Before deciding to apply, learn more about the program by exploring this website, NSLI-Y Interactive and connecting with other students via Ask NSLI-Y Alumni, NSLI-Y’s Facebook page, and Twitter account. We encourage you to discuss this opportunity with your family and teachers. You may also want to talk with your teachers and school administrators about the impact that participating in NSLI-Y could have on your graduation requirements. At this time, NSLI-Y cannot guarantee transfer of credit to a participant's home institution, this is at the discretion of the participant's home institution.

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