Will the 2022-2023 program take place in-person or virtually?

NSLI-Y 2022-23 programs will take place in-person if conditions allow. The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, in coordination with U.S. Embassies in NSLI-Y host countries, American Councils for International Education, and implementing organizations, will monitor global and local conditions and determine the status of each program site. If it is determined that conditions are not suitable for an in-person program, a virtual program may be offered.

How does NSLI-Y make decisions about program status and format?

The health and safety of participants and staff is our priority. Decisions regarding the format and status of NSLI-Y programs are made with consideration of U.S. Department of State travel advisories, CDC guidance, U.S. Embassy input, logistical issues (availability of flights, visas, medical care, housing, as well as travel restrictions and quarantine rules), and our ability to implement a quality exchange experience.

What has been the NSLI-Y response to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Due to COVID-19, the feasibility of in-person programs will be determined several months in advance of the program start date on a case-by-case host location basis. If conditions do not allow for an in-person program, a virtual program may be offered.

How has the program changed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic?

If conditions in the host location allow for overseas travel and in-person programming, participants will be required to agree to and abide by Covid-19 related policies and regulations specific to each program site. Participants will be notified of specific host country and host institution requirements, which may include quarantines, Covid-19 testing, masking, social distancing, and proof of vaccination.

What can I do to minimize my risk of exposure to the virus?

Please consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for recommendations related to international travel during COVID-19. Consult your doctor should you have specific medical concerns.

What should I do if I have pre-existing health conditions?

Participants should discuss their travel plans and health concerns with their physicians in the U.S. NSLI-Y will follow up with selected finalists regarding management of chronic medical conditions, medication supply, and other logistics.

What would happen if I were diagnosed with COVID-19 overseas while on NSLI-Y?

If a NSLI-Y participant is diagnosed with COVID-19 while on a program overseas, program staff would facilitate medical care by a vetted health care provider. Participants need to comply with local policies concerning treatment of coronavirus and may be required to undergo treatment or enter quarantine at a prescribed treatment center. Program staff will have no ability to influence these policies and may not be allowed to accompany or visit the participant during treatment.

Are alumni of Virtual Summer Intensive (VSI) or Virtual Academic Year programs eligible to apply for the NSLI-Y program?

Yes, alumni of fully virtual programs are eligible to apply for a summer and/or academic year program, provided they still meet the program eligibility requirements. Alumni will need to go through the same application steps as before; we are not able to transfer applications.

Where can I find more reliable information on Covid-19?

CDC Covid-19 Risk Assessment by country:

U.S. Department of State Covid-19 Travel Alert:

Updated WHO MythBusters about Covid-19:

European Center for Disease Control Covid-19 Situation Updates:


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