Success Stories

Alexi – New Hampshire

Korean, Academic Year 2015-16, South Korea
Alexi especially loved her host family experience with NSLI-Y. She participated in the 2015-16 Korean academic year program and wrote several installments on her host family for NSLI-Y Interactive, a microsite that showcases language learning and cross-cultural experiences of students on NSLI-Y and provides a platform for connecting with current participants and alumni. More

Annabeth - New Jersey

Chinese, Summer 2009, China
Following her NSLI-Y program, Annabeth received the Fung Scholarship and the Schwarzman Scholarship, allowing her to continue her study of the Chinese language, culture and history. More

Benjamin – California

Chinese, Summer 2014, China
"I am constantly building on my NSLI-Y summer in Suzhou, China experience, and it is awesome when I am able to give back to my community at the same time," says Ben, who participated in 2014. More

Cara – Maryland

Russian, Academic Year 2015-16, Moldova
Cara was a grand prize winner in the U.S. Department of State’s International Exchange Alumni 2016 U.S. Alumni Citizen Diplomacy Challenge. More

Deni – Massachusetts

Arabic, Summer 2016, Jordan
Deni’s experience speaking with Syrian refugees in Arabic while participating on NSLI-Y in Jordan during the summer of 2016 had a major impact on him. More

Elise - Georgia

Arabic, Summer 2015, Morocco
NSLI-Y gave Elise first-hand knowledge of the Arab world and Islam, and since participating in the summer of 2015, she has been busy spreading this knowledge and awareness to those in her GA community and beyond. More

Jack – Idaho

Persian (Tajiki), Summer 2016, Tajikistan
Jack had a love of cultures and languages instilled in him at a young age. His father’s military service took their family to Austria, Belgium and Germany. More

Julius – Illinois

Chinese, Summer 2008, China
Julius’ 2008 Chinese program led him down a path that allowed him to return to China on a teaching fellowship and work for GE. More

Kevin – North Carolina

Arabic, Summer 2009, Egypt
Kevin developed a passion for Arabic when he was 13 years old and later found NSLI-Y. Through his NSLI-Y experience, he studied in Egypt and became immersed in the Arabic language. More

Mayesha – Indiana

Persian (Tajiki), Summer 2016, Tajikistan
Mayesha currently attends Georgetown University and serves as a NSLI-Y Alumni Representative for the Greater Washington, DC area. More

Noah – Washington

Turkish, Academic Year 2014-15, Turkey
After spending an academic year in Izmir, Noah maintained a strong interest in Turkish culture and language, finding it increasing relevant and importance. More

Salman – New Mexico

Arabic, Summers 2009 + 2010, Egypt + Morocco
Salman believes NSLI-Y changed his perspective. "When I started doing … exchange programs, I realized that … when you put aside prejudices and talk to people, they tell you a different story of how they live." More

Shobhit – Maryland

Chinese, Summer 2014, China
Shobhit credits his NSLI-Y experience in China in 2014 as one of the primary reasons he applied for the Thomas R. Pickering fellowship. More

Stephanie – Texas

Arabic, Summer 2012 + Academic Year 2013-14, Oman + Morocco
"My whole life revolves around Arabic at this point, and I love it." More

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